aug. 20, 2009
floppy disk in chalk by a stranger at the happy village in chicago. thanks stranger!


You searched for 'hearing loss.'

Here are 7 possible causes for the symptom hearing loss.

An ear disorder that invokes irritation and swelling of the inner ear.

An ear disorder that invokes irritation and swelling of body parts other than the inner ear.

A social condition that evokes irritation and swelling of the inner ear.

Foreign Objects
Foreign objects can enter the human body by swallowing, insertion, traumatic force, inhalation, hypnotism, dreams, wayward thoughts, wayward glances, piercing stares, evil eyes, eagle eyes or thoughts about eagles.

/Ruptured Eardrum
A /ruptured eardrum is an opening in the tympanic membrane (eardrum), through which a torrent of inter-dependent basslines and languages flood, occupying the breadth of the audible spectrum and putting the patient into a trance.

Acoustic Trauma
Acoustic trauma is injury to the hearing mechanisms in the inner ear due to very loud noise, such as a clap of thunder, a handclap, a snare drum, a kick drum or a hi-hat.

Head Injury
A head injury is any trauma that leads to injury of the scalp, skull, or brain. Walk it off.

i was out for a bit with a nasty ear problem - podcasts will be back on schedule now :)

10 prosthetic cochlear nerves:
1. KREV / The KREV Underwater National Anthem / Ash International [ASH 7.6]
2. Syntonic Research Inc. / Country Thunderstorm / Syntonic Research Inc [SD 66011]
3. Stephan Mathieu / Autopoiesis . C [ ] Edit / Orthlorng Musork [ORTH 05.2]
4. Tim Hecker / Borderlands / Kranky [KRANK 130]
5. Tape / Mystery Mutiny / Immune [IMMUNE004LP]
6. Syntonic Research Inc. / Gentle Rain in a Pine Forest / Syntonic Research Inc [SD 66004]
7. Mountains / Choral / Thrill Jockey [Thrill 211]
8. Burger/Voigt / Frieden / Kompakt [KOM 186]
9. Concept 1 / 96:11/21:00 / Concept 1 [96:VR]
10. STL / Silent State / Smallville Records [SMALLVILLE 12]



july 22, 2009
cross-stitch diskette by jon.satrom thanks, jon!


Primarily, our research has been concerned with the "new physics" and its use as a structuring agent in the determination of a model for hi-hats rattling in the hollow space between vinyl grooves. But after an accidental synth spill that left us with disfiguring powers, we began to explore the inner limits of tone.

tone's inner limits exhibit strange properties under observation: just at the moment a recordable pattern emerges, the limits spiral out into irregularity and batter the outer walls of tempo, threatening at any sub-moment to reconfigure themselves into timbral escapes.While our research is not typically result-driven, we are quite attached to qualities of fixitiveness; our minds are open to the mercurial, less so to the protean.

Ultimately, these experiments had consequences. And that, we are resolved, is a measure of success.

15 advocates for an expanded definition of 'science':
1. DJ Rush / Big Voices / INEX Music Works [INEX001]
2. Robert Hood / And Then We Planned Our Escape / Music Man Records [MM 138]
3. Shed / Flat Axe / Ostgut Tonträger [OSTGUTLP02]
4. From Karaoke to Stardom / Emofeeliac / Apnea [Apnea 011]
5. SLG / Earthworm / Trapez [Trapez 081]
6. Pan Sonic / Lataus / Mute Corporation [MUTE 9094-0]
7. Pan Sonic / Kuusi Halko / Mute Corporation [MUTE 9094-0]
8. Maurizio / Ploy (Strategic Mix) / 541 [541416 501474]
9. Raoul Delgardo / Untitled / Sheep Records [Sh15]
10. Raoul Delgardo / Bricklayer (R Harvey Remix) / IM Records [IM003 ]
11. Luke Slater / Let Eat All Vanbrook / NovaMute [NoMu 70 LP]
12. Ben Sims / Dancin' / Hardgroove [Hardgroove 007]
13. Ben Sims / The Key / Dark House Music [DHM011]
14. DJ Rush / Going Back 2 My Roots / INEX Music Works [INEX001]
15. Omar S / U / FXHE Records [AOS-2 1/2]



july 4, 2009
Pipe-cleaner floppy disks by lots of awesome friends, with materials & art direction by Kacenda. Thanks friends! (thanks k <3)


We approached the foot of the mountain. It was almost too treacherous for our party. Our hands slipped and they fell. We picked berries for sustenance. When that was over, we pushed on ahead.

Without those hungry, gnawing distractions, we were able to find another plateau on which to contemplate the trip. Meanwhile, our food supplies were running low. The crew was getting restless. Their experiments with local mushrooms had two effects: they became hungrier and they lost the ability to distinguish color from sound.

The crew was getting restless. Meanwhile, our food supplies were running low. Without those hungry, gnawing distractions, we were able to find another plateau on which to contemplate the trip.

When that was over, we pushed ahead. We picked berries for sustenance; our hands slipped and they fell. It was almost too treacherous for our party.

We approached the foot of the mountain.

1. Efdemin / Acid Bells (Martyn's Dark Mix) / Métisse [METISSE 2.5]
2. Wareika / King's Child (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) / Motivbank [MOTIV#6]
3. Theorem vs. Stewart Walker / Recoil / M_nus [thx3a]
4. James Mowbray & Leiam Sullivan / Tell Me I Can (Christian Prommer remix) / Four:Twenty [FOUR:46]
5. Ekkohaus / Soulshine / Circus Company [CCS035]
6. Kris Wadsworth / In Walked KW / Hypercolour [HYPE 012]
7. Markus Nikolai / Passion / Perlon [PERLON 12]
8. Kris Wadsworth / High Roller / Hypercolour [HYPE 012]
9. Herb LF / Thirtyfive / Circus Company [CCS035]
10. James Mowbray & Leiam Sullivan / Untitled / Four:Twenty [FOUR:46]
11. Theorem vs. Stewart Walker / Minor Explosions / M_nus [thx3a]
12. Wareika / King's Child (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) / Motivbank [MOTIV#6]
13. Efdemin / Acid Bells (Martyn's Bittersweet Mix) / Métisse [METISSE 2.5]



june 18, 2009
"Flaccid Disk", a sweet-smelling sticky sculpture of untold origins and materials by Malcolm Seymour. Thanks Malcolm!


On its initial release, Dimension Intrusion (developed by FUSE) received our highest score, 5 joysticks out of 5, but that ranking stirred up more controversy than we expected. In the bloody aftermath of online forum discussions and vicious e-mails we were left scratching our heads. We loved this game - how could anyone be anything but certain that this was well deserving of a perfect score on all metrics? Sure, they could have tightened up the graphics a little but come on - it was 1993! We weren't all rocking GeForce cards and hyperthreaded multicore processors! This game was built on classic hardware like the Roland TR-606, SH-101 and some early Mirage sampler no doubt!

But we listened to your feedback, readers - even the letters that weren't worded "so politely" if you catch our drift (there were lots of curses) - and we think we got a pretty good idea of where the conflict started here: Dimension Intrusion is a hard fucking video game.

Well to make it a little easier for you non-hardcore gamers to get a grip on the awesomeness that is Dimension Intrusion, we've come up with a little strategy guide to help you through some of the game's more challenging moments:

Level 1: A New Day
As soon as the level starts, drop all the drums out and go straight for one of the clean melodic parts. Drop the pitch on it and use plenty of low pass filters and you should be good. Keep it loopy for a bit and maybe throw in a little extra 606 bass kick (but lowpass the shit out of it or you'll use up your hearts too fast!) just to keep things rocking.

Level 2: F.U.
As the title of this level suggests, it's basically a minefield planted by the game designers to mess up your strut! Keep it simple, don't resist the siren call of the squelchy acid bassline but also focus on the hi-hats and just let them fill the room up.

Level 3: Slac
This is another one of those levels where you can just find some melodic loops and then coast on them for a while. For an extra bonus, keep your distance.

Level 4: Dimension Intrusion
Ok here's where it gets hard again -- and incidentally this is one of the levels our readers were the most divided on. It's admittedly a little counterintuitive because of all the back-and-forth loud/soft shit going on in this part of the game, but you're going to really want to hold back and just let this one build on its own. If you can get through this level in under 5 minutes you're doing great.

Level 5: Substance Abuse
Try not to freak out, take it slow and you won't be disappointed.

PROTIP: Try not to freak out.

Level 6: Train-Trac.1
Plenty to work with here; it's a little breather the game designers threw in there to let you catch your breath before you suffocate from hard levels.

Level 7: Another Time (Revisited)
The secret to this level is that it's based on city maps. Take a map of Detroit, Michigan and lay it over a map of Windsor, Ontario. Then rotate the Detroit map like about 3 degrees clockwise and it should be pretty confusing. That's what you need right now.

Level 8: Theychx
If you've played the popular iPhone game 'cubercoolische' then you probably already know this level backwards and forwards. Just pick part of the melody to loop, let it run for a while and try slowly turning up the reverb. That game is totally overpriced.

Level 9: UVA
You can warp past this level with judicious use of the hi-hats, but it's worth playing through. Just don't spend too much time on it because you'll need all your glowstick juice for the finalé.

Level 10: Mantrax
This is the level they used in the movie "Bubble Metropolis" when the Drexciyan wave jumper has to navigate around the Zyklus to aim the intensified magnetron but her expensive japanese telecom system is all busted up so she just listens to the phase of passing currents and calculates her location by the doppler effect. Anyway, if you've seen the film you know what to do.

Level 11: Nitedrive
By now you should know the trick. Bonus: use slightly longer loops for larger multipliers.

Level 12: Into the Space
This is actually a pretty fun level but at this point you're near the end and your main concern is keeping your multplier up for the final bonus. Pitch it down low and try to use it percussively so you can hit the bonus level in stride.

(bonus) Logikal Nonsense
This bonus level will appear on the main menu if you've completed the game twice on "punishing." It's basically just a bunch of musicians getting high and giggling on the radio. Pretty awesome.

This podcast is a loopy digital mix of FUSE's 1993 album Dimension Intrusion, released on Plus8 Canada and Warp Records.

13 intruders:
1. FUSE / A New Day (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
2. FUSE / F.U. (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
3. FUSE / Slac (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
4. FUSE / Dimension Intrusion (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
5. FUSE / Substance Abuse (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
6. FUSE / Train-Trac.1 (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
7. FUSE / Another Time (Revisited) (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
8. FUSE / Theychx (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
9. FUSE / UVA (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
10. FUSE / Mantrax (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
11. FUSE / Nitedrive (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
12. FUSE / Into The Space (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
13. FUSE / Logikal Nonsense (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993



june 1, 2009
Floppy disk drawing and self-portrait by Amazon Mechanical Turk worker #AM0QVBV8L6QCJ Thanks, #AM0QVBV8L6QCJ!


Write a description of a song you'd like to hear in this scenario:

All world economies have collapsed into a fragmented array of mutually fearful barter-driven micro-markets. The global elite have retreated to luxurious and exotic underground mansion-bunkers, leaving the bulk of humanity to rebuild some semblance of international civilization from the ground-up, if they can ever push back the tidal wave of tribalism that presently threatens to eclipse all hope for a unified human race.

Meanwhile, you and your friend are getting high on valerian root somewhere in the jungle: things are good.

Describe the song you're listening to on your handcrank-powered boombox.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #AFYRQRAUBEX12
"It would be a song about the giant underground worms that are attacking and eating the elite undergroung. It would also sound raggea because that would go well with the valerian root. The ending would kind of fit the theme of dont worry be happy."

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A26L9PS9WW7ZI4
"There are no instruments left but the human body. The slaps of hands on flesh make percussion, and the ragged voices of those who know no more civilized harmonies. They rise and spiral together for long minutes, drifting from the speakers out into the jungle mist."

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A3J5TLOMMRCDOU
"I imagined myself listening to All Along The Watchtower by Hendrix. Its a song that borders on political and wild and would be perfect. "

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A5TONUJ0MWU5E
"We begin to crank the boombox, our feet hammering in anticipation. The sound stumbles in, a clinking back and forth metal on glass, a frantic but rhythmically solid triangle. Then voices begin to hum in unison in another language. An unusually heavy rhythm breaks in, booming timbre; here we shake violent and ecstatic. The simple throbbing thumping has ground the rest out but soon an odd insect like vibrato breaks out, oscillating high and low. Rusty, dusty, mottled horns squawk like scared birds and howler monkeys. Yeah, we kind of get off on this, it's noisy and unreasonable, nothing but jungle content."

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A3D6RM8ESUKMT6
"I think in this scenario I'd be listening to ""It's the end of the world"" by REM. It sounds like that song you listen to when everything crashes down around you but you think you'll be ok."

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A1VLAE1WP4UPOH
"I would be listening too ""if today was your last day"" by nickleback because to me it preaches change, while Id be presumably high Id most likely be more affected by the idea of the news of what is happening outside my bubble in the jungle. one line I particularly like in the song is "" its always worth the fight"" which is a common theme in the song, reminding me that if something is worth anything its worth fighting for and so while the elite may be the elite bcause they have labelled themselves so, more than likely there is a higher number of the ""unelite"" and if they group together to change it they can always have an affect to reverse the statement."

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A2UTIMR5YD1J83
"When things are good what my friend and I would listen to with our hand crank powered boombox would be happy music. Plenty of peaceful flutes in the Jethro Tull, or Chicago style. Times were tough then, but this music would keep you blissfully high and greatful to be away from realitiy. Music that was upbeat and yet sexy. Jamaica or Bahamian music with its strings and drums always gave you a great feeling on vacation - so if this were a more permanent vacation - hell give me some Island music too. All these songs if lyrics were necessary would just reinforce that we were in the right place, at the right time and no worries - be happy mon!"

13 shantytown anthems at the edge of forever:
1. The Revelations / Take Care Of Us / Numero Group [NUM026]
2. Sety / Mogane / Circus Company [CCS028]
3. Dub Taylor / Subtle / Force Tracks [FT11]
4. Ripperton / Slipstream / Dessous Recordings [DES86]
5. Kris Wadsworth / Shootin' Moves / Morris Audio [morris audio 64]
6. Damian Schwartz / Barrunto / Oslo [oslo 11]
7. Matthias Kaden / Lucidas / Freude-am-Tanzen Recordings [FAT 035]
8. Goldwill / Matikal / liebe*detail [ld27]
9. Ray Okpara / We Keep / Oslo [oslo 12]
10. Coyu & Edu Imbernón / El Baile Alemán / liebe*detail [ld27]
11. D. Diggler / Just Pimpin' / Force Tracks [FT5]
12. STL / From a Distance / Smallville Records [Smallville 12]
13. Omar S / Oasis#4 / FXHE Records [OAS-1100 LP]