nov. 9, 2008
floppy disk drawing by nicholas o'brien thanks, nick!


yes! everyone is feeling great and even though the temperature is plummeting in chicago, it is spring in our heart. by extension, our booty feels like it's just very-late-summer.

we're taking our time to warm up with some BRUNO PRONSATO (being thoughtful, thinking about thinking, letting our intellectual side architect a painstaking and deliberate rational ruse to get our juices flowing and distract our mind from future snowbanks) & then losing our way in the spaced out chicago/berlin free jazz time machine slapback delay system. as the delay gets longer, it settles into a comfortable BPM and we just have to tap our feet, sending a signal through the carpet: JACEK SIENKIEWICZ in polish morse code.

but our heads are still cloudy from summer parties - our polish morse code may be getting mixed up with uruguayan literary criticism. it's very pretty - we take a simple song lyric ("lalala") and feed it through whatever audio software is installed on the hard drive, and e-mail it to MONOBLOCK for further processing.

things are warming up now. we haven't really seen the sun today but our brain parts are thinking yellow & we're almost feeling solar radiation on the backs of our fingers while we blog about it. we're vulnerable to this kind of thinking & MIKE SHANNON is always ready to slip in and exploit us. wow, deep! anthemic! hopeful! maybe? we hope nothing goes wrong. from here, shit can get very confusing. we invited GOW to the party but we can't reach him on his cell phone (omigodisheok).

ok now we are very confused - WASTED CHICAGO YOUTH told us about some color/smell theory that really blew our mind and now we kind of wish we hadn't invited those guys because things are tasting dark. ADULTNAPPER showed up with his buddy ANDOMAT 3000 and they brought that creepy string section with them. they dance hella fly so we let them get closer than we probably should.

our shoulders are jerking and our eyes are closed - someone is whispering something ominous in our ear (fortunately we get distracted when RADIO SLAVE spills a drink on us).

was this party really a good idea? we're feeling a little queasy - the vodka snowcones are too strong and the gas bill is going to be through the roof. true: we have a smile from ear to ear and our ass is shaking...or are we just frozen in a sneeze and shivering to the beat?


(JEFF SAMUEL and STEVE BUG) is here!

we love that guy! and he brought, like, a jeep full of sterno. crank the 'HOTNESS' knob to 0x0B and let's get our sweat on. awesome, thanks!

we're sweating on our snowcone.
we're sweating on our time machine.
we're sweating in 1988.
we're sweating on mayday's SH-101
we're sweating in 1992.
we're sweating on dbx's TR-909.
we're sweating in 2001.
we're sweating on akufen's external hard drive.
we're sweating in 2005.
SLG is sweating on the decks.
we're sweating in 2008.
we're sweating on the internet, in chicago in november.

thanks jonCates for the banner image :)

ten sounds sweat makes when it drips at 340.29 meters a second:
1. Bruno Pronsato / Why can't we be like us / Hello?Repeat [Hello010]
2. Jacek Sienkiewicz / Beacon / Recognition [r-ep024]
3. Monoblock / Lalala / Cynosure [CYN025]
4. Mike Shannon / Enero / Plus8 [PLUS8102]
5. Gow / Jiffy Hornswoggle / Trapez [Trapez 091]
6. Wasted Chicago Youth / I-Speak / .dotbleep [DBR024]
7. Adultnapper / Apropills (Andomat 3000 remix) / Nummer [nummer 25]
8. Mlle Caro & Frank Garcia / Dead Souls (Radio Slave Remix) / Buzzin' Fly Records [033BUZZ]
9. Jeff Samuel / Knob (Steve Bug Remix) / Trapez [Trapez 028]
10. SLG / Anymore / Level Records [LVL-04]

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