nov. 23, 2008
floppy disk drawing by kacenda bland thanks, kacenda!



we cannot get warm! we are trying everything: so desperate that we tore the ceiling fans down and chopped them into firewood; we smashed our air conditioners and re-used the transistors to build primitive space heaters; nothing!

of course the only solution is to snuggle into some warm, comfortable place and hibernate this shit away. so we have been assembling a nook-map, using information science - a cybernookmap.

first we constructed our search terms, but they were too straight & static. so we punched some holes in them. i think we may have some leads, if we can ever make sense of it:


between all the * there is a * cracks in the * have * *
between all the vectors there is a dark path cracks in the walls have encouraged passers
between all objects there is a separator cracks in the armor have appeared most though
between all others there is a whole tone cracks in the subprime sector have been surfacing
between all three there is a growing body cracks in the foundations have been merely glossed
between all the toys there is a teddy bear cracks in the walls have grown too long
between all our results but there is a wide discre cracks in the dam have reopened senior inspector
between all three promoters there is a sequence cracks in the earth have been filled burrowing
between all major industries there is a network cracks in the tarmac have been patched
between all group elements there is a unit e cracks in the pole have been filled
between all this there is a woman played cracks in the tin have them soldered
between all the activities there is a log cracks in the fleet have been observed
between all pairs of nodes there is a unique cracks in the earth have spread panic
between all the parts there is a complete setup cracks in the algan layer have been effectively
between all of which there is a clofe con nexion cracks in the glass have been strengthened
between all the islands there is a departure tax cracks in the sidewalk that have to be mended
between all five now there is a sobering thought cracks in the walls have been reported
between all that there is a lot of talking cracks in the west have already been apparent
between all the cameras there is a fairlly lite cracks in the blockwall have appeared implying
between all floors there is a toilet designed cracks in the walls that have been patched
between all other degrees there is a whole step cracks in the undercliff have been followed
between all believers there is a special bond cracks in the housing have been detected
between all the recesses there is a cutting slot cracks in the plates have been treated
between all the layers there is a multitude cracks in the walls have been a problem
between all physicians there is a drive cracks in the plastic have been determined
between all objects there is a tiny gravitation cracks in the hood does have a red screen kit

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Ten search results not shown above:
1. Ekkehard Ehlers / Spater (Full Swing Edit) / Orthlorng Musork [ORTH 05.3]
2. JPLS / Combination 03 / M_nus [MINUS 65]
3. Plastikman / Hypokondriak / M_nus [MINUS 03]
4. Basic Channel / Octagon / Basic Channel [BC-07]
5. Rhythm & Sound / Let We Go (Villalobos Remix) / Burial Mix [BMX-1]
6. Ekkohaus / Our Think (Gummihz Remix) / Morris Audio [morris62]
7. STL / That Mnml Track / Perlon [PERL 57]
8. Ricardo Villalobos / What's Wrong My Friends? / Perlon [PERL 59]
9. Kalabrese / Auf dem Hof (Ludron Dub by Crowdpleaser & Mimie Nana) / Stattmusik [STATTMUSIK 16]
10. Lee Jones / Soon (The Mole Remix) / Aus Music [AUS0814]

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Dec. 16, 2008
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