jan. 6, 2009
floppy disk stencil on record sleeve by michelle harris. thanks michelle!


we are having some trouble with the equipment; a piece has come unfastened somewhere. we are tracing the edges of the chassis and feeling for the muffled thud of an unhooked flywheel extender batting against the interior. but the inner symptoms of this lemon machine are too delicate for our fingers. these instruments are too coarse for this job.

well, we'll just have to open the fucker up.

the access panel hatch is slightly ajar already, some flotsam kindly wedged in. we lean inside, nearer, warmer, warmer... hmmmmmm, a thin/high/grinding peal/whine/scrape... a chain-propeller must be unfastened from its berth and brushing rapidly against the aluminum belly. it's speeding up now, brushing, scraping, humming, screaming...

something has snapped free - what a relief - we're left with a melodic steel-drum tumble dying out into a slow, steady jangle. but deeper; this one we will really have to excavate...

a day late, a track less, a smiley face

9 buckles to fasten and unfasten rhythmically:
1. Soulphiction Pres. The Chocolettes / Maoamba / One / Musik Kraus [MK 24]
2. Others / Take 1 / Take 1/Take 2 / Musique Risquee [RISQUEE 019]
3. Ilario Alicante / Living Near Africa / Living Near Africa EP / Cecille Records [CEC008-6]
4. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts / Chapelle / Paraiso 91.90.70 / Oslo [Oslo 003]
5. Liquid Liquid / Optimo (Matthew Dear Remix) / Domino Recording Company Ltd. [RUG304TX]
6. Jacek Sienkiewicz / Beacon / Beacon / Recognition [r-ep024]
7. Burnski / Schizophrenia / Schizophrenia EP / Morris/Audio [morris063]
8. Nima Gorji / I Got Something / I Got Something / El Piannucho / Love Letters From Oslo [LLFO05]
9. Oasis / Oasis 5 / Oasis Collaborating / FXHE Records [OAS-1100 LP]

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