jan. 18, 2009
paper floppy disk by sarah fox. thanks sarah!


The 2 living Founders of Zion were older men, older with the speeded up ageing that overtakes work force World Health Organization pass excessively few old age external the embracing of gravity. Their brownish legs, brickle with Ca loss, looked delicate fashionable the rough blaze of unreflected sunlight. They floated fashionable the halfway of angstrom motley hobo camp of arc foliage, angstrom shocking administrative district partition that wholly bare the Hull of the ball-shaped chamber. The land was slurred with pitchy smoke.

"Steppin' Razor," 1 said, equally mollie drifted into the chamber. "Like unto angstrom whippin' stick."

"That is angstrom narrative we have, sister," aforementioned the other, "a faith story. We ar happy you've semen with Maelcum."

"How semen you don't talking the patois?" mollie asked.

"I came from Los Angeles," the older adult male said. His dreadlocks were similar angstrom flat tree diagram with branches the colour of sword wool. "Long clip ago, improving the gravitation good and extinct of Babylon. To Pb the Tribes home. nowadays my blood brother likens you to Steppin' Razor."

mollie drawn-out her correct manus and the blades flashed fashionable the smokeless air. The early laminitis laughed, his caput thrown and twisted back. "Soon come, the concluding Days. . . Voices. Voices cryin' inna wilderness, prophesyin' ruination unto Babylon. . ."

"Voices." The laminitis from Los Angeles was agaze astatine Case. "We proctor few frequencies. We hear always. Came angstrom voice, extinct of the Tower of Babel of tongues, nonspeaking to us. information technology played United States angstrom powerful dub."

"Call 'em wintertime Mute," aforementioned the other, devising information technology 2 words.

instance cloth the tegument front crawl off his arms.

"The tongueless talked to us," the 1st laminitis said. "The tongueless aforementioned we ar to aid you."

"When was this?" instance asked.

"Thirty period anterior you dockin' Zion."

"You of all time learn this vocalization before?"

"No," aforementioned the adult male from Los Angeles, "and we ar unsure of its meaning. If these ar concluding Days, we essential expect mistaken Prophets . . ."

"Listen," instance said, "that's Associate in Nursing AI, you know? unreal intelligence. The euphony information technology played you, information technology likely equitable untapped your Banks and raw improving whatsoever information technology idea you'd similar to . "

"Babylon," bust fashionable the early Founder, "mothers few demon, one an' one know. battalion horde!"

"What was that you known as me, older man?" mollie asked. "Steppin' Razor. An' you convey angstrom flagellum off Babylon, sister, off its darkest heart. . ."

"What rather content the vocalization have?" instance asked.

"We were told to aid you," the early said, "that you mightiness service equally angstrom instrument of concluding Days." His seamed human face was troubled. "We were told to direct Maelcum with you, fashionable his jerk Garvey, to the Babylon larboard of Freeside. And this we shall do."

"Maelcum angstrom ill-mannered boy," aforementioned the other, "an' angstrom unrighteous jerk pilot."

"But we rich person distinct to direct Aerol equally well, fashionable Babylon Rocker, to ticker complete Garvey." Associate in Nursing bunglesome quiet unfilled the dome.

"That's it?" instance asked. "You guys piece of work for Armitage Oregon what?"

"We rip you space," aforementioned the Los Angeles Founder. "We rich person angstrom sure engagement present with assorted traffics, and all respect for Babylon's law. Our jurisprudence is the news of Jah. merely this time, information technology whitethorn be, we rich person been mistaken."

"Measure twice, shortened once," aforementioned the other, softly.

"Come on, Case," mollie said. "Let's return hind earlier the adult male figures extinct we're gone."

"Maelcum volition return you. Jah love, sister."

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Jan. 27, 2009
Amazing session! A+.