feb. 15, 2009
floppy disk & snow readymade earthwork by valerie brewer. thanks val!


we wrote a story for you but our semantics keys are stuck (we spilled a sugary drink on our USB deep structuralinguistic input device).

here is what we were able to retrieve by copy+paste:

someday turn to air just like all banjos slowly go out of tune just like all living things must

hopefully eventually we will remember what made us say that we were feeling

where are we this morning that we weren't yesterday when we woke up

we know that

jeff mills is playing at my house and in the basement i have a scale model of chicago in which

the implementation of my research on the behavior of recursion is subject to any material changes in

our heads throb and our heart thuds and

12 breakpoints in an infinite loop:
0. Dimension X / Knock / Nostalgia Lane [PW0110]
1. STL / Purple Saturn Days / Perlon [PERL 57]
2. Marco Carola / Jackpot / Plus 8 [PLUS8097]
3. Peter Grummich / Fresh Air for Fresh People / Karloff [KLF 22]
4. Musica Charlista / Juan aprende el piano / Apnea [APNEA 005]
5. Matthew Dear / Future Never Again / Spectral Sound [SPC-13]
6. Jeff Mills / Tango (Performance Mix) / Purpose Maker [PM-009]
7. Ben Sims / The Key / Dark House Music [DHM011]
8. STL / Loop A (Locked Groove) / Perlon [PERL 57]
9. Substance / Relish - Bonus / Scion Versions [SV 06]
10. Locked Groove from Trunculence (v/a) /
11. The Field / Thought vs Action / Kompakt [KOM 116]

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