march 1, 2009
painted floppy disk installation component by cole pierce thanks cole!


what is house?

we're stumped.

we want to get involved... we are involved... we're half-hoping someone has a pat+simple reduction but we are also half-hoping (%50+%50=%100) that the answers only confuse us more. is this deep confusion superior to shallow answers? it is certainly intoxicating.

whatever; we have shit to do! we're outsourcing the issue (again).

here are the results of our careful scientific polling:

the jacksons
mr fingers

semiotic colonialism
speak to the african american experience and its relationship to techno
make the crowd go nuts

a soul revival
shitty high-energy vocal house
down inside my soul tube place your love original innit reshape

some greeting card bullshit about life, love, happiness...
fredom fredom
controllable desire you can own

t a l k

12 silky sotto voices in a crowded room
1. DJ Sprinkles / Ball'r (Madonna Free Zone) / Mule Musiq [mule musiq 34]
2. Sound Stream / Rain Maker / Sound Stream [SST 04]
3. The Mole / Baby You're the One / Wagon Repair [WAG035]
4. Matthew Dear / Dog Days (DJ Sneak's 420 Dog Mix) / Spectral Sound [SPC-64]
5. Sety / Mogane (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix) / Circus Company [CCS028]
6. Prompt / Ambee / Get Physical Music [GPMLP025]
7. Damian Schwartz / Plastico / Oslo [Oslo 11]
8. Craig Alexander / Soul Revival / Millions of Moments [MOM 016]
9. Soulphiction / Things to Get By / Philpot [PHP035]
10. Mathias Kaden / Swahili / Freude-am-Tanzen Recordings [FAT 035]
11. DJ Sprinkles / Sloppy 42nds (Sprinkles Deeperama) / Mule Electronic [mule electronic 049]
12. DJ Sprinkles / Ball'r (Madonna Free Zone) / Mule Musiq [mule musiq 34]

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