march 31, 2009
Floppy disk cake by charlotte elliott thanks char!


we are torn.


there are 02 audio formats (and accompanying methodologies) from which to select & that, for us, is precisely two too many. we've invested literally years in ANALOG audio & also poetically years in DIGITAL WHATEVER.

we can't even start to argue differences! a vinyl record is as refreshingly delicious as a summer iced tea. a noisy 303 improvisation is as crisply nauseating as an autumn avalanche. a 60hz winter hum is as warm & familiar as a burning blanket. a 24-bit spring reverb plugin tickles like aural champagne.

fuck it: these format choices are too complex; we've elected to construct & promote our own format. this for sure is now & shall be forever the most effective, explosive way to store, exchange, mix, lick, remix, swap, drop, swoop, dupe and drupe audio.



humaudio is stored in HUMAN form. HUMAN will never be obsolete! to store a song, simply play the song for a room full of HUMAN. be careful to provide in advance to all HUMAN a glowstick.


all HUMAN will have a glowstick. upon hearing your song, they will wave the glowstick in a certain and very specific motion. between the HUMAN there will be a gradual consensus of motion (in this way the HUMAUDIO system is highly redundant and therefore resilient).
WARNING: variation may occur as glowstick motion evolves.


all HUMAN watch other HUMAN. in this way, glowstick motion (and therefore audio and musical data) is replicated from HUMAN to HUMAN. each HUMAN also is free to carry musical and audio information between your recording and other recordings, which results in a widespread redundancy.


mixing is even simpler in HUMAUDIO than other audio systems. no crossfader required. all that is required is physical proximity between one HUMAN population and another! as HUMAN populations intermix, glowstick motions are exchanged, inferred, interfered, complicated, confused and confuxed! therefore one needs only await the passage of evolutionary time, after which the tracks will be thoroughly mixed!

this is the only singsweetsoftware mix sofar done with digital tech ;)

13 format fetishists humanizing presets:
1. Raymond Scott / The Rhythm Modulator / Basta [30-9045-1]
2. Raymond Scott / The Bassline Generator (Cardboard Computer Cutup) / Unreleased
3. Matt John / Radio Self / Perlon [PERL 72]
4. STL / That Mnml Track / Perlon [PERL 57]
5. Matt John / The Rising Scope / Perlon [PERL 49]
6. Marc Houle / Sands / M_nus [MINUS 64 LP]
7. Raymond Scott / Backwards Bleeps (Cardboard Computer Cutup) / Unreleased
8. Raymond Scott / Bandito the Bongo Artist (Winter Mutiny Dub) / Unreleased
9. Plastikman / Glob / NovaMute [NoMu 22 LP]
10. STL / Lost In Brown Eyes / Perlon [PERL 67]
11. Oasis / Oasis #4 / FXHE Records [OAS-1100 LP]
12. Raymond Scott / Paperwork Explosion / Basta [30-9045-1]
13. Raymond Scott / Cyclic Bit (Cardboard Computer Cutup) / Unreleased

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