april 13, 2009
floppy disk pencil drawing by holly croydon thanks, holly!


we have crafted a dance! (for our friends)! yes it is complex, but it requires almost no "skill" to execute. after all we ourselves have at least 3 left feet, and no more than eleven thumbs.

but we find that - even with such third-rate physical coordination - the right rhythms can coax from us a psychic samba, a philosophical foxtrot.

ours is one of those!

please find below the steps & pattern.

0Backward and forward. To the Left, Forward, to the Right, Back.
1SlowlyPreparatory step. Turn in reverse
2Half-speed of QuicklyReplace feet with hands
3Twice Again More Slowly Than You ExpectStop.
4Still, As If the Moment of Movement Has Already PassedConsider all possible negative side-effects of beginning a compost in your closet. Weigh them against the innumerable benefits. We think you will find you have made the right decision.
5NOWYou are too late!
6Slowly, sadlyQuickly and happily kick left, then right, then left (as if gravely ill).

dance steps

13 belles at the energy ball:
1. DJ Sprinkles / Reverse Rotation / Mule Musiq [mule musiq 33]
2. Soulphiction / Regrets / Philpot [php035]
3. Timos / Vendor (reboot remix) / Sonido Records [son001-6]
4. Bruno Pronsato / Where'd you learn to kiss that way / Hello? Repeat [Hello013]
5. Kate Simko / She Said (barem remix) / Spectral Sound [spc-51]
6. Melchior Productions Ltd. / The Hypnotist / Perlon [PERL 66]
7. Pantytec / A Glimpse / Perlon [PERL 14]
8. STL / Strahlemann / Perlon [PERL 67]
9. Argy & The Martinez Brothers / Debbie Downer / Objektivity [OBJ011]
10. Mikael Stavöstrand / Breezenseagulls pt. 2 / Defrag Sound Processing [DFRG_13]
11. Omar-S / Motor City jackpot!! / FXHE Records [aos-111]
12. Jacek Sienkewicz / Green River / Recognition [R-EP021]
13. STL / Paperboy / Something Records [something 07]

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