april 29, 2009
psychedelic rainbow floppy animated gif by alex inglizian thanks alex!


We went there to get off the grid, and found ourselves very busy.

At first, it was the labor:
1. The cows (milked)
2. The games (judged)
3. Repairs on the interior highways (smoothed, constrained, made tractable and visible)
4. The homes (painted, hidden, made accessible, waterproofed)

The work begun, we felt a certain solidarity in lonely sleepiness, but we were still haunted by nightmares about buttons, staplers, (light) switches and (heavy) machinery. Nocturnal fugues scored by the high muted clicks of cuticles on keyboards, trowels on dead leaves... we already knew what it was like to be alone and entangled.

But: a new experience! We were deathly thirsty! The water had to be purified; an apparatus was built. Strained in and parsed out, molecule-by-molecule, the perfect trickle of pristine, clear liquid... perfect, pristine and completely without character. We may have put some of it in disposable plastic bottles. We continued by drinking from the pond.

Eventually, loneliness got less complicated: we knew who they were and who we were. They were on grid and we were off. They ran laps around chemical, artificial apartment compound ponds and we aptly lapped life-giving chemical compounds from real pondwater. They were together and we were alone.

We each dug into it, got together and dug our way through it, ploughed it and planted a field of bells and slept together on a bed of crickets. It got to be fun - we stopped judging the games and started just playing.

Finally, we were ready to come back. And this time when we stood at the luminous grid and squinted into it, we saw bits of moss growing in the cracks.

This set is a mix of my grandpa's records and mine; it was recorded live with with vinyl, delay pedal and mp3 player.

15 faintly throbbing points of light:
1. Droll Yankees Inc. / Goat, Geese, Ducks / Droll Yankees Inc. [DY-18]
2. Peter Broderick / Games Again (Alternate Version) / Bella Union [BELLAV182]
3. Oren Ambarchi / Highway of Diamonds / touch [TS 05]
4. Dan Gibson / Among the Giant Trees of the Wild Pacific Coast (processed) / Solitudes [DG-81003]
5. Tangerine Dream / Circulation of Events / Virgin [2676712]
6. Fennesz / June / Table of the Elements [Fm 100]
7. Michael Stearns / The Dragon's Dream World / Continuum Montage [CM 1006]
8. Syntonic Research Inc. / Tintinnabulation (Computer Synthesized) / Syntonic Research Inc. [SD 66002]
9. Godspeed You Black Emperor / Dead Flag Blues / Kranky [KRANK 027]
10. Syntonic Research Inc. / Dawn at New Hope, Pennsylvania / Syntonic Research Inc. [SD 66002]
11. Robert Bearns and Ron Dexter / Temple Garden / Awakening Productions Inc.
12. Fennesz / On a Desolate Shore / Touch [TS 04]
13. Fripp & Eno / Evensong / Editions EG [EGS 103]
14. Cardboard Computer / 909s & Dandelions / unreleased
15. Move D & Benjamin Brunn / Love the One You're With / Smallville Records [SMALLVILLE LP01]

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