june 1, 2009
Floppy disk drawing and self-portrait by Amazon Mechanical Turk worker #AM0QVBV8L6QCJ Thanks, #AM0QVBV8L6QCJ!


Write a description of a song you'd like to hear in this scenario:

All world economies have collapsed into a fragmented array of mutually fearful barter-driven micro-markets. The global elite have retreated to luxurious and exotic underground mansion-bunkers, leaving the bulk of humanity to rebuild some semblance of international civilization from the ground-up, if they can ever push back the tidal wave of tribalism that presently threatens to eclipse all hope for a unified human race.

Meanwhile, you and your friend are getting high on valerian root somewhere in the jungle: things are good.

Describe the song you're listening to on your handcrank-powered boombox.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #AFYRQRAUBEX12
"It would be a song about the giant underground worms that are attacking and eating the elite undergroung. It would also sound raggea because that would go well with the valerian root. The ending would kind of fit the theme of dont worry be happy."

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A26L9PS9WW7ZI4
"There are no instruments left but the human body. The slaps of hands on flesh make percussion, and the ragged voices of those who know no more civilized harmonies. They rise and spiral together for long minutes, drifting from the speakers out into the jungle mist."

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A3J5TLOMMRCDOU
"I imagined myself listening to All Along The Watchtower by Hendrix. Its a song that borders on political and wild and would be perfect. "

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A5TONUJ0MWU5E
"We begin to crank the boombox, our feet hammering in anticipation. The sound stumbles in, a clinking back and forth metal on glass, a frantic but rhythmically solid triangle. Then voices begin to hum in unison in another language. An unusually heavy rhythm breaks in, booming timbre; here we shake violent and ecstatic. The simple throbbing thumping has ground the rest out but soon an odd insect like vibrato breaks out, oscillating high and low. Rusty, dusty, mottled horns squawk like scared birds and howler monkeys. Yeah, we kind of get off on this, it's noisy and unreasonable, nothing but jungle content."

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A3D6RM8ESUKMT6
"I think in this scenario I'd be listening to ""It's the end of the world"" by REM. It sounds like that song you listen to when everything crashes down around you but you think you'll be ok."

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A1VLAE1WP4UPOH
"I would be listening too ""if today was your last day"" by nickleback because to me it preaches change, while Id be presumably high Id most likely be more affected by the idea of the news of what is happening outside my bubble in the jungle. one line I particularly like in the song is "" its always worth the fight"" which is a common theme in the song, reminding me that if something is worth anything its worth fighting for and so while the elite may be the elite bcause they have labelled themselves so, more than likely there is a higher number of the ""unelite"" and if they group together to change it they can always have an affect to reverse the statement."

Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker #A2UTIMR5YD1J83
"When things are good what my friend and I would listen to with our hand crank powered boombox would be happy music. Plenty of peaceful flutes in the Jethro Tull, or Chicago style. Times were tough then, but this music would keep you blissfully high and greatful to be away from realitiy. Music that was upbeat and yet sexy. Jamaica or Bahamian music with its strings and drums always gave you a great feeling on vacation - so if this were a more permanent vacation - hell give me some Island music too. All these songs if lyrics were necessary would just reinforce that we were in the right place, at the right time and no worries - be happy mon!"

13 shantytown anthems at the edge of forever:
1. The Revelations / Take Care Of Us / Numero Group [NUM026]
2. Sety / Mogane / Circus Company [CCS028]
3. Dub Taylor / Subtle / Force Tracks [FT11]
4. Ripperton / Slipstream / Dessous Recordings [DES86]
5. Kris Wadsworth / Shootin' Moves / Morris Audio [morris audio 64]
6. Damian Schwartz / Barrunto / Oslo [oslo 11]
7. Matthias Kaden / Lucidas / Freude-am-Tanzen Recordings [FAT 035]
8. Goldwill / Matikal / liebe*detail [ld27]
9. Ray Okpara / We Keep / Oslo [oslo 12]
10. Coyu & Edu Imbernón / El Baile Alemán / liebe*detail [ld27]
11. D. Diggler / Just Pimpin' / Force Tracks [FT5]
12. STL / From a Distance / Smallville Records [Smallville 12]
13. Omar S / Oasis#4 / FXHE Records [OAS-1100 LP]

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