june 18, 2009
"Flaccid Disk", a sweet-smelling sticky sculpture of untold origins and materials by Malcolm Seymour. Thanks Malcolm!


On its initial release, Dimension Intrusion (developed by FUSE) received our highest score, 5 joysticks out of 5, but that ranking stirred up more controversy than we expected. In the bloody aftermath of online forum discussions and vicious e-mails we were left scratching our heads. We loved this game - how could anyone be anything but certain that this was well deserving of a perfect score on all metrics? Sure, they could have tightened up the graphics a little but come on - it was 1993! We weren't all rocking GeForce cards and hyperthreaded multicore processors! This game was built on classic hardware like the Roland TR-606, SH-101 and some early Mirage sampler no doubt!

But we listened to your feedback, readers - even the letters that weren't worded "so politely" if you catch our drift (there were lots of curses) - and we think we got a pretty good idea of where the conflict started here: Dimension Intrusion is a hard fucking video game.

Well to make it a little easier for you non-hardcore gamers to get a grip on the awesomeness that is Dimension Intrusion, we've come up with a little strategy guide to help you through some of the game's more challenging moments:

Level 1: A New Day
As soon as the level starts, drop all the drums out and go straight for one of the clean melodic parts. Drop the pitch on it and use plenty of low pass filters and you should be good. Keep it loopy for a bit and maybe throw in a little extra 606 bass kick (but lowpass the shit out of it or you'll use up your hearts too fast!) just to keep things rocking.

Level 2: F.U.
As the title of this level suggests, it's basically a minefield planted by the game designers to mess up your strut! Keep it simple, don't resist the siren call of the squelchy acid bassline but also focus on the hi-hats and just let them fill the room up.

Level 3: Slac
This is another one of those levels where you can just find some melodic loops and then coast on them for a while. For an extra bonus, keep your distance.

Level 4: Dimension Intrusion
Ok here's where it gets hard again -- and incidentally this is one of the levels our readers were the most divided on. It's admittedly a little counterintuitive because of all the back-and-forth loud/soft shit going on in this part of the game, but you're going to really want to hold back and just let this one build on its own. If you can get through this level in under 5 minutes you're doing great.

Level 5: Substance Abuse
Try not to freak out, take it slow and you won't be disappointed.

PROTIP: Try not to freak out.

Level 6: Train-Trac.1
Plenty to work with here; it's a little breather the game designers threw in there to let you catch your breath before you suffocate from hard levels.

Level 7: Another Time (Revisited)
The secret to this level is that it's based on city maps. Take a map of Detroit, Michigan and lay it over a map of Windsor, Ontario. Then rotate the Detroit map like about 3 degrees clockwise and it should be pretty confusing. That's what you need right now.

Level 8: Theychx
If you've played the popular iPhone game 'cubercoolische' then you probably already know this level backwards and forwards. Just pick part of the melody to loop, let it run for a while and try slowly turning up the reverb. That game is totally overpriced.

Level 9: UVA
You can warp past this level with judicious use of the hi-hats, but it's worth playing through. Just don't spend too much time on it because you'll need all your glowstick juice for the finalé.

Level 10: Mantrax
This is the level they used in the movie "Bubble Metropolis" when the Drexciyan wave jumper has to navigate around the Zyklus to aim the intensified magnetron but her expensive japanese telecom system is all busted up so she just listens to the phase of passing currents and calculates her location by the doppler effect. Anyway, if you've seen the film you know what to do.

Level 11: Nitedrive
By now you should know the trick. Bonus: use slightly longer loops for larger multipliers.

Level 12: Into the Space
This is actually a pretty fun level but at this point you're near the end and your main concern is keeping your multplier up for the final bonus. Pitch it down low and try to use it percussively so you can hit the bonus level in stride.

(bonus) Logikal Nonsense
This bonus level will appear on the main menu if you've completed the game twice on "punishing." It's basically just a bunch of musicians getting high and giggling on the radio. Pretty awesome.

This podcast is a loopy digital mix of FUSE's 1993 album Dimension Intrusion, released on Plus8 Canada and Warp Records.

13 intruders:
1. FUSE / A New Day (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
2. FUSE / F.U. (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
3. FUSE / Slac (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
4. FUSE / Dimension Intrusion (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
5. FUSE / Substance Abuse (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
6. FUSE / Train-Trac.1 (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
7. FUSE / Another Time (Revisited) (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
8. FUSE / Theychx (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
9. FUSE / UVA (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
10. FUSE / Mantrax (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
11. FUSE / Nitedrive (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
12. FUSE / Into The Space (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993
13. FUSE / Logikal Nonsense (Looped and processed) / Plus8 & Warp 1993

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June 22, 2009
way to beat that boss!