july 22, 2009
cross-stitch diskette by jon.satrom thanks, jon!


Primarily, our research has been concerned with the "new physics" and its use as a structuring agent in the determination of a model for hi-hats rattling in the hollow space between vinyl grooves. But after an accidental synth spill that left us with disfiguring powers, we began to explore the inner limits of tone.

tone's inner limits exhibit strange properties under observation: just at the moment a recordable pattern emerges, the limits spiral out into irregularity and batter the outer walls of tempo, threatening at any sub-moment to reconfigure themselves into timbral escapes.While our research is not typically result-driven, we are quite attached to qualities of fixitiveness; our minds are open to the mercurial, less so to the protean.

Ultimately, these experiments had consequences. And that, we are resolved, is a measure of success.

15 advocates for an expanded definition of 'science':
1. DJ Rush / Big Voices / INEX Music Works [INEX001]
2. Robert Hood / And Then We Planned Our Escape / Music Man Records [MM 138]
3. Shed / Flat Axe / Ostgut Tonträger [OSTGUTLP02]
4. From Karaoke to Stardom / Emofeeliac / Apnea [Apnea 011]
5. SLG / Earthworm / Trapez [Trapez 081]
6. Pan Sonic / Lataus / Mute Corporation [MUTE 9094-0]
7. Pan Sonic / Kuusi Halko / Mute Corporation [MUTE 9094-0]
8. Maurizio / Ploy (Strategic Mix) / 541 [541416 501474]
9. Raoul Delgardo / Untitled / Sheep Records [Sh15]
10. Raoul Delgardo / Bricklayer (R Harvey Remix) / IM Records [IM003 ]
11. Luke Slater / Let Eat All Vanbrook / NovaMute [NoMu 70 LP]
12. Ben Sims / Dancin' / Hardgroove [Hardgroove 007]
13. Ben Sims / The Key / Dark House Music [DHM011]
14. DJ Rush / Going Back 2 My Roots / INEX Music Works [INEX001]
15. Omar S / U / FXHE Records [AOS-2 1/2]

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