aug. 20, 2009
floppy disk in chalk by a stranger at the happy village in chicago. thanks stranger!


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Here are 7 possible causes for the symptom hearing loss.

An ear disorder that invokes irritation and swelling of the inner ear.

An ear disorder that invokes irritation and swelling of body parts other than the inner ear.

A social condition that evokes irritation and swelling of the inner ear.

Foreign Objects
Foreign objects can enter the human body by swallowing, insertion, traumatic force, inhalation, hypnotism, dreams, wayward thoughts, wayward glances, piercing stares, evil eyes, eagle eyes or thoughts about eagles.

/Ruptured Eardrum
A /ruptured eardrum is an opening in the tympanic membrane (eardrum), through which a torrent of inter-dependent basslines and languages flood, occupying the breadth of the audible spectrum and putting the patient into a trance.

Acoustic Trauma
Acoustic trauma is injury to the hearing mechanisms in the inner ear due to very loud noise, such as a clap of thunder, a handclap, a snare drum, a kick drum or a hi-hat.

Head Injury
A head injury is any trauma that leads to injury of the scalp, skull, or brain. Walk it off.

i was out for a bit with a nasty ear problem - podcasts will be back on schedule now :)

10 prosthetic cochlear nerves:
1. KREV / The KREV Underwater National Anthem / Ash International [ASH 7.6]
2. Syntonic Research Inc. / Country Thunderstorm / Syntonic Research Inc [SD 66011]
3. Stephan Mathieu / Autopoiesis . C [ ] Edit / Orthlorng Musork [ORTH 05.2]
4. Tim Hecker / Borderlands / Kranky [KRANK 130]
5. Tape / Mystery Mutiny / Immune [IMMUNE004LP]
6. Syntonic Research Inc. / Gentle Rain in a Pine Forest / Syntonic Research Inc [SD 66004]
7. Mountains / Choral / Thrill Jockey [Thrill 211]
8. Burger/Voigt / Frieden / Kompakt [KOM 186]
9. Concept 1 / 96:11/21:00 / Concept 1 [96:VR]
10. STL / Silent State / Smallville Records [SMALLVILLE 12]

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